Our Journey to The Phoenix Corps

From written script to colored page, this illustration shows the evolution of one page of The Phoenix Corps.


It all started when…

Petr and Alberto just finished turning a Stanford offline thermodynamics class into an offline-online hybrid. They wanted to try something different, something a little bit crazy. So they wrote a grant to create a series of short TV-like episodes that told a story and taught thermodynamics. Once it became clear just how difficult filming would be and also how powerful the storyboards were, the newly-assembled team pivoted and started to work on a graphic novel instead.

Needless to say, we have never looked back! The Phoenix Corps has been a few years in the making and represents our first foray into graphic novels as a medium. It has been an incredible journey. We hope that you enjoy the result of our work and, if you are so inspired, join us in continuing this journey together.