Story Overview

The story of The Phoenix Corps revolves around Mina, a young girl recruited to join the Phoenix Corps, an organization that trains scientists in a manner that allows them to find unresolved paradoxes and overlooked assumptions in our current understanding of the world. As part of this mission, the Corps is called upon to help with global crises that require unconventional solutions.

A new crisis looms and the Corps' leadership believes that a solution might lie in thermodynamics.

It is up to Mina and her friends to see if that is true.


Multi-source storytelling

While the plot follows a single sequence of events, the story that The Phoenix Corps tells goes beyond just that one sequence. The history of the Corps and its leaders unfolds as much through their interactions in the present as through documents from pivotal moments in their past. 

THEMES beyond thermodynamics

We use the practice of science generally and the learning of thermodynamics specifically, to surface questions that learning and teaching thermodynamics has brought up for us. If science progresses incrementally, how can we be sure that a solution to a problem today does not create a worse problem tomorrow? What is the role of serendipity in the scientific method? And, perhaps most importantly, do the laws of thermodynamics extend to consciousness and limit our free will choice?