We are still at the beginning of The Phoenix Corps journey and we are still learning about how to best use this graphic novel for teaching and learning thermodynamics. As we learn more, we will make as much of that information available here as possible. In the meantime, below are resources we wish to offer to all of those who want to teach and learn thermodynamics.

We are actively looking for teaching and learning collaborators!

deployment support

We have deployed The Phoenix Corps in the thermodynamics course at Stanford that inspired the graphic novel in the first place. We have learned a lot about how to use the graphic novel digitally in a classroom and we want to help other instructors in using the graphic novel effectively in their teaching.

Assessment activities

We are interested in evaluating the kind of learning that The Phoenix Corps facilitates. To that end, we have crafted assessment activities (currently mainly in survey form) to use before, during, and after learners read the graphic novel. The assessments include items related to thermodynamics as well as some related to the story and wider themes of the graphic novel.

learning objectives

From the beginning, knowing what we wanted to achieve with the graphic novel was of paramount importance to us. We have crafted and mapped onto every relevant page specific learning objectives that we intend for the graphic novel to help learners experience.

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