Thermodynamics Overview

The Phoenix Corps is, first and foremost, our latest way to share our passion for thermodynamics and all it has to offer. We chose to do that in three ways.


learner-mentor interactions

The bulk of the learning the protagonist, Mina, experiences is via conversations with her mentor, Hori. Through their one-on-one sessions during which they talk, manipulate visuals, and make sense of real-world examples, they uncover why the laws of thermodynamics exist. These interactions also showcase how to carry out basic energetic and entropic analysis.

learner conversations

Whether her friends want to or not, Mina ends up talking to them a lot about the thermodynamics she is learning. Through these conversations, the four friends hit dead ends, conjure up new questions, and sometimes even resolve their confusion. The point of these conversations is to surface misconceptions and also to show that scientific reasoning is often not straightforward.



historical archives

Thermodynamics has a long and storied history. As a theory, it has also (thus far) survived intact through some of the greatest upheavals in physics in the 20th century. In these historical archives, we tell the stories of the scientists who laid the foundation for this theory. Whenever possible, we researched and found the original publications to use the scientists' own words.